War veteran Neville is intent on paying a tribute to his dog that would be befitting of any of his good mates. Unfortunately, he can't get his handson a cannon to initiate a 21-gun salute.  So instead, he is doing the next best thing, by playing the decaying corpse its favourite song 21 times before he puts him in the ground.  But it's taking ages, and Nev's boarder Olivia and her rejected admirer Warwick find themselves walking an emotional tightrope to sensitively fast-track getting the dog buried.

DOG is a bittersweet, enchantingly endearing black comedyabout an old man’s love for his best friend. From the folks who brought you The Lonesome Buckwhips, Wolfgang Creative, in association with The Basement, are proud to present the world premiere of DOG by Ben Hutchison. 19 t0 30 August. Directed by Equity Vice President Jeff Szusterman Starring 100% Equity Cast! Mick Innes (Echo Point, Super City, Zen Dog, Hounds), Gareth Williams (Apollo 13, A Basement Christmas Carol, Spartacus) and Shavaughn Ruakere (Shortland Street, Sione's Wedding) Kindly supported by Creative New Zealand, Auckland Council and Quartz Reef.  Book Here



The lights are low. The gin is in great supply. The band is playing your favourites.In the smoky depths of a 50's London gay bar, the tipsy regulars loosen their dinner jackets to ask - who the f*ck is Ernest?
Brimming with vivacious wit, a bit of bravado and some downright silliness, Earnest is an audacious re-imagining that blasts the cobwebs off Oscar Wilde's saucy play.
Bringing the beloved text to life is a sprightly all-male cast, a  live all-female band, and the greatest hits of Cher (yes, Cher!).

Equity members Jason Hodzelmans and Cherie Moore co-produce; Jordan Mooney, Eli Matthewson, Oscar Wilson, Stephen Butterworth, Jordan Selwyn, Andrew Ford and Cole Jenkins star!
Fractious Tash (Confessions, Titus) and Last Tapes Theatre Company (The Last Five Years, Verbatim) have joined forces to bring you a show like no other, taking everything you thought you knew about Oscar's play and catapulting it skyward!
Rebooted and revamped, this is Oscar's quintessential comedy as you've never seen it before! Starts Wednesday Aug 27; Ends Saturday Sep 6
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fixFamilies hurt each other. That’s what they do best.

Mum is washing pills down with vodka. Nana is cutting up the family photos. And Dad has done something unforgivable. When Grace discovers her husband is having an affair with her daughter, she must confront the truth and do what it takes to fix her family for their son. Intense, darkly comic, peppered with ferocious verbal duels and electrifying reveals, Fix explores a contemporary blended family and questions unconditional love.

"Jess Sayer's ability to lead the (audience) down the garden path and allow them to think they’ve got it all figured out, then flip things beyond their expectations, is a truly masterful skill for a playwright." - Theatreview

Starring Equity members Nicola Kawana (Shortland Street), Andrew Laing (Underbelly NZ), Hanelle Harris (Orphans and Kingdoms) and Ryan Dulieu (Agent Anna). Written by Equity member Jess Sayer. Basement 12 - 16 August  Boost Here Book Here


Pre-Election Greenroom

EQUITY GREENROOM.meaa-equity-nz1-rgb-small

August 3, St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street, Ponsonby, Auckand. 6pm. Political Parties present their positions on the performing arts, and other issues. Denise Roche, Catherine Delahunty, Darien Fenton, Laila Harre, Annette Sykes and others.


The Good Soul Of Szechuan

atc goodsoul q 1240x545Shen Te is a "tart with a heart", compassionate and generous, even towards people who exploit her virtues. Three Gods on a fact-finding mission reward the only good person they can find,the prostitute Shen Te, with the means to start a little business. But that's when her troubles begin as everyone takes advantage of her good nature. To survive she creates a male alter ego, the ruthless and exploitative Shui Ta. However, Shen Te struggles to keep her world together switching between these two identities. Can her good soul endure the pressures of hardship when self-interest, deceit, corruption and opportunism are more readily rewarded?  German-born playwright Bertolt Brecht is one of the twentieth century's most respected and influential theatrical forces.

Equity Board members Robyn Malcolm and Cameron Rhodes star.

Auckland Theatre Company at Q Theatre. Earlybird bookings now available: Here


Albert Black

Based on real events and set amongst a wasteland of warring delinquents, teenage sex,albert blackblaring jukeboxes and all-night dives in the grimy heart of 1950’s Auckland, ALBERT BLACK chronicles the fiery emergence of New Zealand’s teenage subculture. Featuring NZ’s infamous teenage love crimes, prepare yourself for music, mayhem and murder! Bodgies! Widgies! Rock and Roll! Equity members Sophia Johnson, Claudia Nixon, and Preston O'Brien are Directed by Equity member Jarrod Martin. Basement 29 July - 3 August.            Book Here


An Unseasonable Fall Of Snow

unseasonableOne way in, one way out. Deep down, Liam knows why he’s here. He has the answers to Arthur’s questions, but Arthur’s looking for far more than answers.

A compelling mystery, with an unforeseeable twist, that interrogates truth, consequences, and the ultimate value of human life.                       

Equity members Michael Hurst and Ryan Richards, directed by Equity member Matt Baker, present this Gary Henderson classic. At The Basement 29 July - 9 August.

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