Your Equity Board

Peter Elliott

pelliPeter Elliott has been one of New Zealand's leading actors for the past 30 years, having won several awards for screen and theatre productions. Peter was elected to the Equity board in 2013.

Award-nominated as the scheming Rex Thorne on 80s soap Gloss, he would win for tele-movie Until Proven Innocent. He was a fast-talking radio man on Homeward Bound, and did four years on Shortland Street.

Elliott also wrote Agent Orange doco Jungle Rain, and has fronted and narrated many shows, including Explorers, Captain's Log, and Frontier of Dreams. Peter was a 2009 Qantas Film & TV award winner.

Peter Elliott also fronts the Get Ready, Get Thru campaign for NZ Civil Defence. This is a highly visible campaign on national TV, for which he was chosen as a respected and well-known figure. Peter is also an accomplished presenter and hosts a fishing competition show on Sky Sport 1. He is currently shooting a TV series focusing on great architecture. Peter is also a theatre director and in 2013, directed Kings of the Gym for the Auckland Theatre Company.